Testing Out A New Depth of Field Adapter

Recently I purchased a Letus Extreme Depth of Field Adapter.  When I orginaly purchased my camera, I had a friend that had the same camera along with a redrock rock.  Seeing the quality of the footage that came out of the camera, I knew it would be a wise choice to invest in the same camera with a similar setup.  Browsing Craigslist I came upon a hardly used Letus Extreme, and purchased it.  The adapter was like new and hardly used.  Over the past couple months I have been saving a little bit of money here, and a little bit there and finally have purchased myself a few lenses, rail kit, and hopefully soon a follow focus.  My goal is to have a full arsenal of equipment to support my Letus Extreme, until then I feel as if I have enough equipment to use this properly.

This footage below was shot with a Pansonic HMC-150 using a Letus Extreme, having a Nikon 80mm 1.4 lens attached.

[download id=”1″] [download id=”2″]

The downloads are offered under the creative commons lincese under the conditions allowing for modification, and sharing as long as original provider (myself) is credited.  Any footage found on keithbickford.tv should be credited to this website along with my name Keith Bickford. I also ask that you post a link to the your use of the footage in a comment on this page.

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